14 Days of Self-Love Course

14 Days of Self-Love Course

Your Self-Love Journey starts here...


I created this course because I noticed that many women are self-sacrificing and overcompensating because they feel that they don't have any 'worth'. I was one of them.


You can see it from their actions. They may be extroverted and brimming with self-confidence (on the exterior, that is), but deep inside their psyche, they have nagging low self-worth beliefs.


Unfortunately, our society likes to place 'worth' on people depending on their income, position at work or the way they look. You may not be earning a 6-figure income or look like Adriana Lima, but I assure you that you are worthy.


Your presence and emotional support to the people around you are priceless. Sadly, many people overlook that. Think of all the people who will be severely affected if you decide to disappear from their lives.I can go on and on about this, but I will stop here and let you continue creating a brand-new self-loving mindset for yourself.




Fiorella M.