Your Past Don’t Define You, But Your Choices Do

To allow your past to define you is the bitter equivalent to letting someone outside of yourself dictate your happiness. You are NOT who you were, but you are who you choose to be right now in the present. Rather than dreadfully reflecting on who you once were, you should accept that you are a beautiful orchid undergoing an important growth process, so permit yourself to enjoy it!

Remember that, all of the bad things you've done, or the "bad person" you think you were, only served as an essential lesson of who you DON'T want to be, and it further inclines you towards becoming the best version of yourself. It reminds you to BELIEVE in yourself and in your ability to change.

Choose to make honorable choices

Choose to represent selflessness, grace, courage, and integrity

Choose to empower other women to do the same

Choose create an acceptable NO

Choose to create a respectable and admirable version of yourself

So that, one day, in reminiscence of your past, you will declare with pride:

“I admire the woman I once was, and I will continue to blossom into an even more elegant flower. Yes, I may gather more thorns along the way, but they are symbolic of my strength and perseverance. I am a breathtaking sight, full of color and life, and while some may shame me for the soil I sprouted from, I will not let anyone tell me who I am or who I can be. I am ME, and that's okay, because I believe, I KNOW, I have the power within me to become even greater with each passing day.’’

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