What's our most powerful gift?

Our capacity of free will is the most powerful gift that we all humans share, and is what set us apart from other species alive. The choices we make can either bring us closer to our truest self or push us further from it. When we feel disconnect it from everything is because our mind and heart are not aligned to each other. There is this analogy that says that when you look at the mirror, you can see yourself, but when you see the mirror with dust you cannot see yourself, similarly this happens to our hearts, we cannot see our true self because our hearts are polluted.

I personally carried all my life a heart full of pain, fear, grieve, resentment and anger, everything I kept accumulating within me since I was a little child. The sad part is that most of us keep carrying a bag full negative experiences, traumas, hatred that we never healed, and they are the root cause of our behavior today. Now is the time to press pause and reflect on our daily behavior towards ourselves and others. This exercise will help us understand what it’s triggering those unwanted behaviors that are stealing from us inner peace we truly deserve.

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