In the face of the impossible, become inspired.

Remember it is in our nature to be creators, we are the creators of our own destiny. It’s only a matter of believing in yourself and in your own power to awaken the genius within you. Because being an inventor it means to create a new idea and bring it to reality, and defying the impossible.

Many women have become inventors. A fine example is Mary Anderson, who made driving in rain far more bearable, when she invented windshield wipers. Before that, people considered it near to impossible to navigate through those conditions, but Mary Anderson changed that, forever.

No matter what you choose to be, my advice to you, is when you feel something is unimaginable and impractical, get as close to your goal as you possibly can, and as close to impossible, as possible. In the face of the impossible, become inspired! Because you could be the very woman to go down in history for creating something that was once inconceivable.

Even if they say “it’s impossible”,remember that it’s impossible for them, NOT FOR YOU.

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