• Fiorella

Don't let your fears stop you from your greatness

When you truly believe in something, you live by it. With each waking day, you make it your mission to follow the codes that align to your vision. This does not mean that you have to identify with any spiritual belief or religion. It simply represents the natural thirst you have to act out what you believe, and to define your character based upon what you stand for.

It is a nearly unquenchable desire, since human minds, and therefore, human beliefs and dreams are continuously expanding. So, no matter what you believe, always try to ensure that it’s a view which represents courage and dignity. For example, iIf you love children and feel for those in negligent foster care, try to get involved and set up a new standard for them, for what foster care should be. Be their light! Whatever you believe in, allow your passion for it to help you help the world. Because, as women, we have that natural nurturing ability and the world can’t get enough. There is no limit to what our believes can place us in positions to do. Use them for greatness. True greatness comes not from egotism or self-concern, it comes from partaking in something greater than ourselves. So, do it!

P.S. My special thanks to Tabata Justice who wrote this beautiful piece to share it with all of you! :)

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