Do Not Hold Back

When you gaze into your mirror, remember to focus on more than your reflection. For as said by the late Helen Keller,"The best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt in the heart." You cannot visibly fixate on, nor discover hidden tangibility of the best parts within you. Only your heart is capable of feeling and embracing them.

For many centuries, women were wrongfully held back, and their powers were downplayed and undermined. For this very reason, there is something even more stirring and motivating about modern women. They are taking on new goals and titles, facing new obstacles, turning a blind eye to criticisms, and refusing to be verbally or physically restrained. We are those women, in the present, YOU have the opportunity to start your own hero’s journey and discover your true potential found within you.

Women have transformed into leaders, and are taking charge! Some consistently, strategically, and relentlessly FIGHT enemies. Some are taking seemingly small steps each day to change their lives. Easily comparable to a wounded bird, they are strenuously maintaining wings in motion, so that they WILL NOT ever hit rock bottom and surrender their freedom, again.

Many are liberated and uplifted by their sense of duty to others, and it was through that sense of self-obligation to others, that they decided to rescue themselves. After all, that is where it begins! Save yourself to save others. Harness your natural abilities, channel your untamed, yet still graceful, animalistic energy into greatness!  You ARE a free spirited bird and a courageous lionheart. DARE to dream, DARE to leap, DARE to soar higher than can be seen! 

✨ DARE to be your OWN heroine, and a model for other women, NOT to follow in your exact footsteps, but to use the strength you shared from YOUR journey to create their OWN trail! 

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