• Fiorella

Be your best when you are at your worst

Sometimes, as women, we are proud of our places in life. Other times, us queens and princesses misplace the tiaras which give us confidence, and we begin to feel we have reached an all time low. Next thing we know, our pillowcases are wetter than the ocean, and we just can’t seem to understand why things have become so tough. We just can’t seem to find the underlying cause for why we feel unaligned with ourselves.

Well, it starts when the tiara falls off, and we walk away. Instead of accepting that it has fallen off, we should choose to see through our emotions. We should come to the necessary realization that the tiara is only truly lost, once we have abandoned it! However, even in those circumstances, it can be found and returned to its rightful place, our heads.

When you feel you are at your worst and have dropped your beautiful crown, pick it up! It happens. Accept that it doesn’t always sit so balanced on that pretty little head of yours, and move on. Wear that crown proudly, and dance around in confidence! You may feel you’ve reached a point of hopelessness, sometimes, but it is a choice to stay there, and you are much better than that! So when you feel at your worst, take the wisdom of knowing the choice you have, and decide to become your best! After all, each time you retrieve your tiara, it becomes easier to do so!

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