I struggled all my life with my self-worth...


I grew up in a dysfunctional family, where I never felt safe and developed various childhood traumas that truly impacted the relationship with myself and others. After experiencing the loss of my sister and ending an emotionally abusive relationship with my ex partner, I lost the sense of meaning and purpose in my life.


Suddenly, everything that I once thought would "make me happy", the great job, professional recognition, traveling, it busy social life, it not longer did.

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I spent my whole life trying to fit in, to belong.. striving to be perfect and still was not enough

I constantly compared myself to other people and never felt I measured up, both professionally and personally.  

It was not until I ended up in a very dark place in my life, that I felt a strong force inside me pushing me to take action, to not give up on life.


I was not sure what the next steps would be.


But the only thing I knew for sure was that my story couldn’t end like this. My sister died and I was alive, I had the opportunity to rewrite my story, the opportunity she never had.

I realized that there was not job, partner, or personal gain that could provide me what I was looking for, true authentic inner happiness.


The reason why I suffered anxiety, depression, panic attacks, was not because I was behind in life, but because there was part of myself that I was not listening and truly loving.

So I put an end to that and I chose me...And I promised myself I’d help other women do the same.

Fiorella Misenti

The Life Mastery Coach

I armed myself with the skills to make that happen.  
I trained as a coach with the pioneers of the coaching world and became NLP Practitioner. I studied psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, neuroscience and launched my own signature programmes.

I now work with men & women – online and in-person – to help them discover their own inner potential and glow..


..so that they can pursue their purpose and find true joy and inner peace in their lives. The same way I did.

Fiorella Misenti

The Life Mastery Coach