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My mission is create a rich synergy between wealth and wellness where wealth is a healthy balance across the 8 dimensions of wellness:

1. Mental Health

2. Emotional Health

3. Physical Health

4. Spiritual Health

5. Financial Fitness

6. Energy Management

7. Professional Development

8. Social Health / Relationships


We’re waking up to a new luxury.  One that isn’t about a new car or a fancy accessory or even an expensive vacation. The new luxury is wellness. It is discovering the right balance across all 8 dimensions. It is an individual journey that includes the social, health and spiritual dimensions that give us something to enjoy with the money we have worked so hard to accumulate, specially with the people who mean the most to us. It means good health to be able to do the things we enjoy. It also means creating deep and meaningful connections with friends and family, having a way to share our talents and strengths and connecting to something bigger than ourselves. 


We hope you’ll join us on the movement of redefining wellness as the new luxury.

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